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Information Map Service

National Groundwater Information Map Service

Search and analyze groundwater information based on the web GIS

Main Functions

  • Inquiry : Permit/report on well, specification of well, building, river, land registration, hydrogeological map, groundwater use, strata cross section and etc.
  • Search : Property parcel number, wells, building, wells in same user name, cultural properties or rivers by area, regional and user input radius.
  • Analysis : Water level, water quality and electrical conductivity of national groundwater monitoring station

Current Progress

  • Install 167 regions by the year 2021.
  • Connecting Groundwater basic researches, widen installation in national level(all regional governments) by the year 2021.

Expected Effect

  • The Public : Search and Analysis Groundwater information based on the Web GIS.
  • Civil servants : Support of administrative duties such as permit/report on groundwater development and utilization, groundwater management and etc.
  • groundwater enterprises : Groundwater effect research, evaluation of proper development site and etc.